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Artwork Change Up

We chose to completely redesign the box art based on feedback from some online contacts we had. We spiced it up and made it more eye candyish. With that being said we, or should I say Derek, had to change everything in our video and on our website to match. We were hoping to launch everything online this week but it just wasn’t realistic or possible. That’s okay though, better product… Read Article →


The Inside Scoop

Hey there! We’ve been busy play testing and finalizing some parts of the Kickstarter video. We want to make sure everything is ready to go. We’re nearly ready to start contacting reviewers to see if we are worthy We have some giveaways planned and some competitions planned for those who want to get involved with our game and get their own name out into the world. Stay tuned as we… Read Article →


Test. Test. Test.

Essential to delivering a good product… testing lays the foundation to how bad your game is lol.   Yeah, we’re having fun up there playing it but will others? That is the big question when it comes to development. We want to bring joy to you, not frustration! We’ve done some play tests with our game now and we definitely learned a lot. It’s really easy for us, the developers, to play… Read Article →