Test. Test. Test.

Essential to delivering a good product… testing lays the foundation to how bad your game is lol.



Yeah, we’re having fun up there playing it but will others? That is the big question when it comes to development. We want to bring joy to you, not frustration! We’ve done some play tests with our game now and we definitely learned a lot. It’s really easy for us, the developers, to play the game and think it’s great.  When new people, who try to rule f*** everything, play the game and break it, it is… humbling, but it is also great. Through observing people trying the game for the first time, we really see just how our game will play out when it reaches your doorstep, or comes crashing through your roof via Amazon done, GG.

For the past week or two we have been trying our best to test with as many people as possible and get their feedback. We have scribbled down tons of notes and held many skype calls trying to fix loop holes. It’s incredibly fun and strategic, with elements similar to Uno but so much more troll. From what the game was a month ago to what it is now is astonishing. It’s been a journey but so much fun. I probably knocked a couple years of my life through the late nights and IV bags full of coffee but I love it. I can’t wait to see where this game will be in another month and I can’t wait to move onto the next chapter – getting the game into your hands.



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