The professionally printed decks arrive!

They’re here!


We’ve been hard at work thinking up ways to bring you guys the best product and we’re happy to show off these professional decks to you guys! It feels very real now, not that it didn’t before, but now we are going through a manufacturer to see what the end results will be like. We are pretty impressed with the quality of the cards. Since we printed them, we’ve already found a few errors but have since corrected them. It’s very important that we keep testing and testing. Feedback that has been provided to us is so valuable and is shaping this game up to be truly amazing. Hearing the laughter that our game is generating in test groups is absolutely wonderful… it’s also awesome to see people get infuriated by the trolling that occurs muahaha.

We are gearing up our twitter soon and we will have some more big announcements for you guys in the weeks to come. There will definitely be ways to earn a free copy of the game before we even go live with our Kickstarter.

Stay tuned!




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