Monthly Archives: July 2016


Test. Test. Test.

Essential to delivering a good product… testing lays the foundation to how bad your game is lol.   Yeah, we’re having fun up there playing it but will others? That is the big question when it comes to development. We want to bring joy to you, not frustration! We’ve done some¬†play tests¬†with our game now and we definitely learned a lot. It’s really easy for us, the developers, to play… Read Article →


The professionally printed decks arrive!

They’re here! We’ve been hard at work thinking up ways to bring you guys the best product and we’re happy to show off these professional decks to you guys! It feels very real now, not that it didn’t before, but now we are going through a manufacturer to see what the end results will be like. We are pretty impressed with the quality of the cards. Since we printed them,… Read Article →