An idea that stemmed from explosions…

It all started when I attended a friends birthday party one sunny Saturday afternoon in San Diego. It wasn’t supposed to be crazy or anything. Stop by real quick, hang out, show my support by grabbing some delicious food from the taco truck he ordered and gtfo to go home and protect the internet by destroying noobs. Little did I know that that afternoon my life would be steered in a different direction. I had heard of Kickstarter awhile back but I was still in my youth for idea creation and was on the same kick as everyone else was for app development through Unity.


My friend stopped everyone’s conversations… “Have you guys heard about Exploding Kittens?”. Almost in unison, we all said “no”. He then went on to proclaim how it was the best thing since sliced bread and how he was an early backer of the game. Apparently it was made by some guys named Elan Lee, Shane Small, Matthew Inman. I had never heard of them at that time but later I found out that Matthew was the creator of the almighty The Oatmeal, a great cartoon comedy site. They raised 8 million dollars on Kickstarter! Unbelievable but believable considering the track record that the three had in the industry. We went on to play Exploding Kittens. I played one game then watched a few more… the gears started turning. I’m a competitive FPS player, having played in tournaments for multiple games over the years, even founding an online gaming website for Indie games. I like the competitive strategy. I could make something like this. I could create a card game.

I left the party shortly after and headed straight home. I dialed up my partner in crime for creating stuff Masoud and pitched the idea. He thought it was great and started researching what others had done before for card games. I began designing the game that night, staying up till the early morning. The idea was hot and was burning a hole in my head. I had to get it out. It would take a couple more days before I had ironed out the nitty gritty details but I had an alpha design ready to go. I recruited some more help from two friends Derek, an online friend who helped me start my online gaming league, and Russell, an old friend from high school who is wicked with the pen and paper. We designed the cards on regular note cards and started testing away. Derek, my online friend, is in the process of creating the artwork. So here we are, enjoy the journey with us :)



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