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edited test

Pushing forward from the 3×5 notecard

Hello again everyone! We’ve been testing the game out more and more. Trying to squash any bugs that are present or any loop holes. The game is pretty strategic and fun but definitely had some hiccups in the rules. Thanks to Russell’s family and friends for trying to abuse every rule in every way, we have really ironed out a lot of the major issues but I am sure we… Read Article →


An idea that stemmed from explosions…

It all started when I attended a friends birthday party one sunny Saturday afternoon in San Diego. It wasn’t supposed to be crazy or anything. Stop by real quick, hang out, show my support by grabbing some delicious food from the taco truck he ordered and gtfo to go home and protect the internet by destroying noobs. Little did I know that that afternoon my life would be steered in… Read Article →